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Basically writing this because I'm bored
So, what do people usually put on DeviantArt journal entries? I guess I can just tell you guys my overall situation right now. There's nothing special about it really, which is why I'm bored in the first place. Actually, I'm not entirely bored. I have a french exercise and a PowerPoint to finish, though I'm procrastinating. Damn, I'm always worrying to be frank, but I never seem so because THE PROCRASTINATION IS STRONG.
Uh, today is a Monday, and that explains it. Mondays aren't the days I hate the most though (Oh em gee, water surprise!). On Wednesdays the whole school schedule is fucking irritating. It's like the school is begging me to fall asleep in class.
I say, it's a good persuader because oh, I do.
Especially Physics-Chemistry class and Technology class, which we do I THE SAME FUCKING AFTERNOON. The technology teacher just teaches us excel in the first half of the first trimester, for gods' sake. AND NOW WE'RE LEARNING ABOUT FUCKING BUILDING MATERIALS. Buuiiiilllldinnnnnng matteeeeriaalllss *faceclaw* I'm gonna have to make a power point about...whatever the fuck it was. I don't remember. Luckily we work in groups so I can just let the other two do it, hehe. Sometimes they get stupid though, so I'll have to interfere. The rest of the time I just draw~
AND PHYSICS-CHEMISTRY. FUCK THAT. NOBODY IS GOING TO FIND THIS USEFUL IN LIFE. I DON'T THINK I'M GONNA USE COPPER SULFATE FOR MUCH, IF ANYTHING AT ALL. The main teacher is a professional, but 1.He talks in a way nobody understands 2.Oh god his handwriting is worse than mine. And that says a lot and 3.He teaches us so much math while we're supposed to be learning Physics and Chemistry. (Well actually in Technology and IT we have to learn math too OTL)
Have I told you about Mr... Let's just call him Mr. Bobo? That's kinda close to his real name I guess, but... anyways, Mr.Bobo is an FLSCO teacher, which means "franšais langue de scolarisation" teacher or something, which means basically that he teaches us words and how to use them and their synonyms and antonyms and blablabla. He just walks around in History and Physics-Chemics class and just sometimes come to the board to do his FLSCO. The thing is, Mr Bobo hates my guts. It's like, I'm Harry Potter and he's Snape, without the tragic feels stuff and without my dad bullying him. He is just an ass. He always points me out and complains and stuff, and always save the hard questions for me. And his eyes are "too blue", as me and my friends decided to call it. When he looks at me and asks me a question for example... I'm not quite sure where he's looking at. Me, my friend, the one before us or the one behind us? NOBODY UNDERSTANDS HIS EYES' DIRECTION. This happened to me today. Dangit, he really needs to start calling us by names. Obviously the guy knows /my/ name. Gawd, can't he at least point at us or?
Today I woke up sick, but my mom literally dragged me up. I was stubborn, like one of those Monster Fishes you see on TV, I wiggled and rolled, I pulled and grumbled (ok, fish don't do the grumble part, but you see what I mean) and finally I won. But after the battle I collapsed and slept another 10 minutes on the wooden floor in my room.
When I woke up the bus has already gone, before I realized something: I've been absent for 4 days since the beginning of the school year, and attendance marks counted! I've been sicker, right? I struggled myself up and my mom drove me to school while I started trying to get myself out of zombie mode.
I panicked because I haven't finished my PowerPoint on Mars (the god, not the planet) yet, and we were supposed to present it in latin. I had to do all the fucking work while my partner Van Anh just slacks and does nothing. Actually I didn't trust her enough to let her do anything, even though we were 4 blocks away from each other I didn't let her do shit. I don't know how she will manage in the actual presentation without practice though, but I just... ugh, I should have thought of that.
BUT THEN I REALIZED, IN THE MIDDLE OF MY WORRY: We were actually only supposed to present them in latin class! It's hard to tell when your teacher in both latin and french class is the same guy. Mr... let's go with mr Celine Dion (yep, it actually fit his name) is kinda... hot for a latin teacher. I mean, I come from tumblr, so the first thing you'd notice about Mr.Celine Dion is his butt *shot* No really, :iconnminhanh1999: even found his butt to be very much touchable. And he looks like a Physical Education teacher! And he knows it. And he's proud of it. In fact, he wears skinny jeans and tight t-shirts! Frequently V-necks, too, so we're wondering if he used to be a douchebag high school kid. Mr.Celine Dion carries A FREAKING IPAD everywhere. Once I passed through, and I think i saw him on Tumblr. Naturally I got really confused. But I didn't ask anything.
After todays french class we had Vietnamese class. Now, you'd expect it to be really neat and quiet. WRONG. OH SO WRONG. There were three groups in our school for Vietnamese class: Starter, Advanced, and Obliged. Starter is for starter (duh) foreigners. Advanced is for advanced (DUH) foreigners. Obliged is for Vietnamese people. AND WE VIETNAMESE PEOPLE MESS UP THE WHOLE IDEA OF A "CLASSROOM". I never do homework, and always sit at the front row or second row, and nOBODY CARED. WE TALK OUT LOUD, DISCUSS STUFF, AND GET WAY OUT OF SUBJECT TOOOO MANY TIMES, OMG. I love Vietnamese class. It's also an easy class to cheat in, hee.
Sports class... we were throwing heavy disc things, and I suck. That is all you need to know. I also drink :icondrawsomethinggood: fruit drink in secret if that's something you'd be interested in.
In the afternoon... well I had to attend a Mr.Bobo's class because the main history teacher is absent OTL. But it was better that expected. Nothing special happened. I spent one hour outside sitting on a bench near the lake by the school because I was confused and messed up classrooms, resulting in me having to go out to hide from the teachers. I took some of the money my mom gave me for "emergencies" to buy Bubble Tea. No regrets.
In English class I had to present a book called "Two Good Thieves". I've only read 4 chapters, but I made up the rest. Everyone thought it was a fascinating story - the story I made up on the spot - and I'm proud of that. I must either be a creative genius or a great liar.
Now I'm here, sitting in front of a computer, typing this up, wasting so much time. Why am I doing this anyways? WHY.

Also I made a new Gallery folder FOR FUCKING ZODIACRP DRAWINGS

Requests are open and free unless I am too much of a juvenile grasshopper to have enough of the skills needed to draw whatever you want me to draw. I might get lazy and take weeks, or be motivated and take a day. It depends I guess. My art skills are oddly capricious.
K bye.
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Linh or something
why tho

Maybe I'll update maybe I won't
Maybe my gallery will look better empty
But If you're wondering I use SAI and FireAlpaca
Wait why would you wonder that


So my name is Linh and I'm ayshun. Vietnamese to be precise. I have no idea why I'm even here. My hobbies are roleplaying without knowing how to, doodling while not even looking at the computer screen, making jokes in my head and laughing by myself in the corner, pretending I'm a cool asian because I'm not a school asian either, eating raice, slamming myself agaisnt walls, headdesking in class, looking at animal gifs on tumblr, writing stereotypical astrology posts on my blog, procrastinating on a webcomic idea, shipping zodiacs, not giving a fuck for I cannot find any to give, pissing off my parents, and being the most worrying lazy person ever.
I have this superiority inferiority complex where I sometimes feel like I am the worst kind of human being on earth but I also love myself and think that I am above all of y'all peasants

You might know me as derpastrology and/or a-fellow-lord and/or Keiz mun on Tumblr

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